The Executive at the Gym

“I am a free soul, singing my heart out by myself no matter where I go and I call strangers my friends because I learn things and find ways to fit them into my own world. I hear what people say, rearrange it, take away and tear apart until it finds value in my reality and there I make it work. I find spaces in between the cracks and cuts where it feels empty and there I make it work.”
― Charlotte Eriksson

A gym was recently built in the building adjacent to mine.  I frequent it during the early morning hours.  This particular morning was the first morning anyone else was using the small facility.

I stumbled into the gym in my normal manner, I am a bit clumsy when I am not around others.  I heard a clank and noted someone else was present.  “Right, poise Minxy.” I thought to myself.  I am awkward when other people are around me in the gym, mostly because I only have half an idea of what I am doing.  Rather than work with the kettle bells as I normally do on Wednesdays, I started up the elliptical.  I hesitated because, lets face it, the elliptical is the typical choice of women.  I decided that I would just use the treadmill to warm up, suck up my discomfort and do what I normally do.

I could see him through the reflection in the mirror in front of me. He was svelte, but not lanky.  He was of Korean decent and his hair was kept in a neat fade.  My gaze lasted too long and he caught me staring.  Oops.  I looked down and glanced back up flirtatiously and watched a smirk crawl across his face.  Oh, the tingles that immediately shot up my spine.  After my five minutes, I carried my happy, yoga pant wearing ass on over to the kettle bells.  I faced the mirror and decided to make the best of the situation.  My hind end happens to be one of my better assets (pun definitely intended).

I began with a Russian kettle bell swing.  Okay, I really just did all the swings and any other move that bent me over and made my ass look good.  It was Minx day, not leg day anymore.  I could tell he was getting aroused by the way he was trying (and failing) to subtly hide his erection.  I had worked out enough.  It was time.

I set down the kettle bell and walked past him as he stood up from the bench press bench.  We made eye contact.  I bit my lip, glanced to the shower and walked away.  Fortunately for me it was a single-stall shower with a lock.  I grabbed my bags, entered the shower room and undressed.  I made sure to leave the door unlocked.

I turned on the water and as it warmed I gave myself a once-over in the mirror to make sure I didn’t have anything crazy in my teeth.  Teeth.  Right.  I grabbed my toothbrush and feverishly brushed my teeth.  Just in case.

I let the hot water cascade down my body, allowing  the tension in my loins to build.  The minutes ticked by as I washed myself and I had resolved that he wouldn’t be joining me.  Disappointing to say the least.

Then I heard the door open.

My inner Minx did a cartwheel.  I paid no attention as he walked in.  I heard him undress and my body responded with insatiable desire.

I faced with my back towards the shower curtain so as to avoid any awkwardness.  He slowly peeled back the shower curtain and I felt his presence close to me, his erection grazing my ass.  I turned and without hesitation met his lips with my own.  Kissing strangers is one of my favorite things to do, aside from having sex with them, of course.

He was hungry for me, I could tell by the way he kissed me.  He kissed hard, fast, and aggressively.  He picked me up and pushed me against the wall.  I instinctively wrapped my legs around him as he put himself inside of me.  He wasn’t playing around, wasn’t wasting time.  He knew what he wanted and intended to get it.  I appreciated that about the stranger.

He wasn’t huge, but the way he attacked my pussy with his cock made up for it.  He thrust into me deeply and destructively.  His lips still hadn’t left mine.  He swallowed my moans and squeaks of pleasure with his tongue and I lost myself with him inside of me.

I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and gently dragged my nails up his back.  This fueled his rapacious attack.  I couldn’t tell if it was the water or my own wetness that was dripping from my slit to my ass, but it felt divine.  Judging by the ease in which he slid in and out of me, it had to have been my own wetness.  Perfect.

Finally our lips broke their seal and both of our chests heaved with passion.

 “I don’t know who the fuck you are, but you feel so fucking good.”  he growled.

I responded by tilting my head back and letting the water wash over my neck and breasts.  He grabbed my legs and threw them over his shoulders for more leverage.  The position was a little painful for me, but I took it, and him, in stride.  In that position his hands were freed.  He grabbed my breasts and I felt him pulsate inside of me.  He grunted as he came and held onto my tits tightly, squeezing them with every strand of pearls he released inside of me.  Everyone has their thing when they climax, his appeared to be breast squeezing.  I watched his face twist up in pleasure and I was satisfied.

When I was certain he finished I smiled and searched his face for his eye contact.  When it was finally made, he released me from the  uncomfortable position I was in.  “Did you…?” he asked.

“What do you think?” I smiled sweetly.

“I guess, I mean can I…?” he stammered

“Get out of the shower and get dressed so I can finish?  Why, yes.  Of course.” I interjected, still smiling.

He did as I asked and I pulled the curtain closed.  I rewashed myself and heard him leave.

I grabbed a towel and dried off, in doing so I noticed a note on the sink.  It was from the stranger and it contained his name and number.  I looked at the note thoughtfully as I got ready for work.  As I walked out I grabbed the note, crumpled it in my right hand and tossed it in the trash.


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